Halloween: Every Michael Myers Actor Unmasked

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Halloween II (Dimension Films)

Dick Warlock

Aside from having the most badass name you’ve ever heard in your life, stuntman Dick Warlock played Michael Myers in John Carpenter’s direct follow-up to Halloween. Although Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence returned to reprise their roles, Nick Castle was replaced with Warlock. Portraying “The Shape” in Halloween II is certainly what Warlock is best known for, though he did do stunts and bit parts in several other films.

Warlock has done stunts for such classics as JawsThe ThingBig Trouble in Little China, and Pumpkinhead. He was also the personal stunt double for Kurt Russell for over 25 years. Warlock has also been seen on-screen in various other movies, such as The RocketeerCasino, and Spider-Man. 

Warlock has since retired from stuntwork and acting, but he regularly makes horror con appearances. He will attend screenings of the film and meet with fans of the Halloween film franchise. By all accounts, he’s become a big fan favorite in the convention scene.

Courtesy of Warlock’s official website, here’s a picture of him in 2012 (left), selling a Jason mask used in the Friday the 13th parts III, IV, and V. Warlock acquired the iconic mask when working on A New Beginning.

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