Halloween: Every Michael Myers Actor Unmasked

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Halloween: Resurrection (Dimension Films)

Brad Loree

The final film in the original Halloween series was Halloween: Resurrection, released in 2002. More sequels were expected to follow, but poor reception to this film negated those plans. The movie did OK at the box office, but most franchise fans were disappointed in the film. It was seen as an “unnecessary sequel” to H20, which would have concluded the series in a much better way.

Still, there is always enjoyment to be found when Michael Myers is on screen murdering people. This time, Brad Loree (yes, another stuntman) was brought in to play the notorious spree killer. Loree would be the one under the mask as Myers slaughtered the participants of an online reality show taking place in his house.

Loree has had minor parts in films like X2 and TV shows such as Smallville, but the majority of his work has been behind the scenes. Coordinating stunts and performing them himself, Durand’s most prominent role in front of the camera has been that of the Butcher of HaddonfieldMichael Myers himself.

In recent years, Loree had a featured role in the film Mr. Hush as Holland Price. I’ve taken a screenshot of Loree in the film, and you can take a look at it here:

Brad Loree in Mr. Hush

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