‘Don’t Breathe’ Implodes All With $26 Million Opening Weekend


As expected, Fede Alvarez ‘s ‘Don’t Breathe’ left their competitors gasping for oxygen as the film ascended towards the top of the box-office charts during its opening weekend.

Don’t Breathe is proof that the Uruguayan film director, Fede Alvarez, is a major player in the horror genre. Alvarez isn’t a stranger to films that debut at number one during their opening weekend. His 2013 film reboot, Evil Dead, grossed $25.8 Million while claiming the top spot in the Box Office; which also included the lovely and talented Jane Levy.

In a review for Alvarez’ first film on Roger Ebert’s website, Richard Roeper called the Evil Dead  “an irredeemable, sadistic torture chamber reveling in the bloody, cringe-inducing deaths of some of the stupidest people ever to spend a rainy night in a remote cabin in the woods”.

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Roeper also gave the film one out of four stars. Though he was correct in his analysis, Giving that film one star is like saying Brock Allen Turner deserves sympathy. “That is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life.” Hey Dan A. Turner, since when is sexually accosting an unconscious woman action?

The implementation of a turkey baster in order to artificially inseminate someone, that ladies & gentleman is action. You may or may not see such a scene in Don’t Breathe. Alvarez intended to focus more on a suspenseful aspect rather than shock, specifically the criticisms about his first film’s gore as well as focusing too much on shocking the audience; and since the film was a reboot. Alvarez then created an original story with less gore and an increase in suspense.

Don’t Breathe revolves around three thieving friends who receive information on an individual who may have a vast amount of money in their home. They stake the place out and things go downhill from there.

The following was taken from IMDB:

"A group of friends break into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they’ll get away with the perfect heist. They’re very wrong."

Alvarez was quoted as saying:

“Sometimes you naturally give them powers and make them more menacing than a normal person, so we thought what if we do the other way around and take his eyes out and make him a blind person.”

The Blind Man is also an Army veteran. If he hadn’t been blind, this would have been a short film – as many of you may remember the Byron David Smith killings. Quick food for thought, do not rob a veteran of armed forces.

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Despite grossing $26.1M in North America, Don’t Breathe has grossed an additional $1.9M in other parts of the world. Don’t Breathe will indeed cause respiratory issues due to the sheer terror that is sure to arise upheaval within you; and if you’re a patient of Dr. Belisa Vranich, don’t tell her you’ve seen this movie.

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