Why You Should Actually Be Excited For The ‘IT’ Remake


Remakes. They cause a lot of debate. A lot of hate is given to reboots by fans. ‘IT’, however, has a lot of potential.

Do you want a balloon? They Float, Georgie!

I know, I might catch a lot of heat for this article, but hear me out. Most horror fans detest remakes on principle, most times before even seeing the movie. In the past, I have been guilty of this a time or two.

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With that said, there are some remakes that’re just as good as the original. Films such as John Carpenter’s The Thing,1988’s The Blob, and 2004’s Dawn Of The Dead. The upcoming 2017 remake of IT could fall in with these rare gems. 

I implore my fellow residents of Elm Street, let us not condemn the 2017 IT remake just yet. Stephen King’s phenomenal IT is probably my favorite of all of his long list of novels. The made for TV adaptation is great as well but compared to the book IT  didn’t float very well. Which brings us to my first reason why we shouldn’t turn our noses up at the idea of a remake.

Theatrical Release:

Tommy Lee Wallace’s ‘IT’-Courtesy of Warner Bros.

First of all, IT was made for TV, so there was a lot of restrictions.

With a theatrical version, you gore hounds out there might actually get to see poor Georgie’s arm ripped from his body in bloody detail this time around. In the book. Pennywise wasn’t in the clown costume quite as much.

Pennywise took more frightening forms in the book. A giant bird, leprous hobo, and Frankenstein’s monster were among some of the forms.

Depending on the studio, we might even get some of the references from other King works that pop up in his stories.

Bill Skarsgard Is An Amazing Actor:

Now I won’t go so far as to say he will outdo Tim Curry, but he might come close. If you don’t believe me, just watch Hemlock Grove. Skarsgard can easily go between friendly and sinister; a very important trait for someone playing Pennywise.

However, with all the reasons I am looking forward to the new frightening experience Bill Skarsgard and company have in store for 2017’s IT revival, there is at least one thing that causes me concern. See the image below.

Stephen King’s IT set photo from Instagram

Richie “Trashmouth” Tozier is featured in a missing poster That might not seem like a big deal to anyone out there who has never watched or read IT, however Richie “Trash Mouth” Tozier is too important of a character to go missing/taken by Pennywise. That would cut the Loser’s Club/Lucky 7 down to 6, and change the whole dynamic of the group.

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Hopefully, this is just a publicity shot to introduce the principal cast.

Residents of Elm Street, there you have it. Now, have I changed your minds about the upcoming IT remake, or are you just going to be stubborn and make up your minds to hate it before the film’s release?