Top 6 Horror Films Where the Black Guy Lives

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Reggie in Friday the 13th Part V (Courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

5. Shavar Ross in Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

You wouldn’t think a child would fare too well in a Friday the 13th movie. Throw in being African American and the odds of survival go down a bit lower.

In the fifth Friday the 13th film, Shavar Ross plays the young Reggie Winter, also known as Reggie the Reckless. Reggie is the grandchild of one of the employees at the halfway house setting of the film. When “Jason” starts killing the residents of the home, Reggie works with Tommy Jarvis and the heroine Pam to stop him.

Not only does Reggie survive the film, he even nearly kills the killer. When “Jason” is chasing after Pam, Reggie plows into him with a tractor to save her. Soon after, the murderer is stopped and revealed to not even be Jason at all.

So that seems like the end of it, right? Well, the epilogue of the movie hints at Tommy going crazy. He wears the Jason mask and brandishes a knife as if he is about to murder Pam. She may or may not die when it cuts to black, but at least we know that little Reggie has survived.

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