Top 6 Horror Films Where the Black Guy Lives

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LL Cool J in Halloween H20 (Photo from Dimension Films)

4. LL Cool J in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

LL Cool J was a pretty big star in the 1990s, based mostly on his hip hop career. This success led to him acting in various feature films. For horror fans, the most notable of all of these movies would be Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.

Despite being a well known star, however, LL Cool J wasn’t a lead character. He plays Ronny, a security guard working at the school where Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) now teaches. When Michael Myers sneaks onto the premises, Ronny realizes something is wrong and searches the grounds to investigate.

During this search, Ronny is accidentally shot by one of the other characters, as he is mistaken for Myers. Motionless on the ground, it seems as if he has been killed. However, he shows up later just in time to make sure Myers gets to continue his killing spree.

Just as Laurie is about to kill Michael once and for all, she is stopped by Ronny. He convinces her that Michael is “dead” and there is no need to mutilate his body. Obviously, this turned out to be false, and Myers keeps on killing past this movie and well into the sequel.

Nice going, Ronny.

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