Top 6 Horror Films Where the Black Guy Lives

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Ken Foree in Dawn of the Dead (Photo courtesy of United Film Distribution Company)

3. Ken Foree in Dawn of the Dead

How strange is it that we would have the same actor on this list twice? Indeed, Ken Foree has defied the odds and survived multiple horror films. Sure, he hasn’t survived every scary movie he has been in, but two big ones are still impressive.

In George A. Romero’s classic zombie flick Dawn of the Dead, Foree plays SWAT officer Peter Washington. When it becomes apparent that SWAT cannot stop the zombie apocalypse, Peter seeks refuge in a shopping mall with other survivors. And that would likely wind up becoming his final resting place, or so you would think.

The undead eventually overrun the mall. A helicopter is on the roof of the building to provide the remaining survivors with a means to escape. However, Peter does not want to go. He insists on being left alone with a handgun, and a chilling gunshot hints that he has committed suicide.

Seconds later, though, it is shown that Peter actually shoots a zombie instead. Realizing he didn’t want to die after all, Peter rushes to the helicopter and manages to survive. His future will forever be left undetermined, but when the end credits hit the screen, Peter is still very much alive.

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