‘Death House’: Interview With The Stunning Felissa Rose (Part II)

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With ‘Death House’ set to debut soon,1428 sat down with the beautifully talented Felissa Rose to talk terror, set situations, and the hopeful future of independent horror. Welcome to my interview with one of the twisted residents of ‘Death House’.

In the film industry, as is in life, you never know the tact and personality of someone until you meet them. While some people are seemingly cold to the touch, others are warmer that an Italian pizza oven.

Moreover, when I had the opportunity to sit down with the amazing Felissa Rose, Angela of 1983’s Sleepaway Camp and star of Harrison Smith’s upcoming Death House, I found myself wondering what kind of person the beautiful talent was. Luckily for me, she’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

So, let’s all camp outside the Death House as we continue our interview with the amazing Felissa Rose. Part 1 of our interview with the talent is just a click away.


Felissa Rose in as Dr. Angela Freeman in Harrison Smith’s ‘Death House’-Courtesy of Entertainment Factory

Joey Click: So, I should’ve asked this question before, but I suppose there’s no time like the present haha. Can you talk about how you originally met your ‘Death House’ director and business partner Harrison Smith? How did you come to be so close?

Felissa Rose: Did he tell you!?!!?

JC: Hahah no we really didn’t talk about you too much. Only that you’re a consummate professional and you really enjoyed being on set. That you were very humble and glad to be there.

FR:I had received a phone call from a past friend of our, Josh Emerick , who unfortunately passed away. John was working for Fangoria, and when Harrison was producing his movie, ‘6 Degrees of Hell‘,  Josh was there to do an interview because Corey Feldmen was in the movie. So Josh asks, “So what do you have coming up next?” And Harrison says “Well I have this fun, camp, slasher movie but I really want to make with Felissa Rose. And since Josh was friends with my husband and myself, he goes, “I’m friends with her! I can get you in touch” And Harrison goes “Well don’t give me her number, but maybe do an intro”. And he did just that. The movie was ‘Camp Dread’ and Harrison said we want to put you in the Rachael role. Danielle Harrison and Eric Roberts was involved, and it was another one where it was like “Holy shit, is this really happening” I was super happy, Harrison and myself just really clicked. I have to say like Harrison and I have been have been friends for six years now, and our relationship is very easy. 

JC: He seems like a genuinely decent person. I like to think I have a good sense of character, and he was amazing to interview (Interview debuting later this week). You can tell he’s not only passionate about the genre, but what you see is what you get. You can truly tell he only want the best for the project.

FR: No, No, No. That’s why we work so well together. Whereas he’s more of the straight guy and I’m the comedy in the relationship. So, we, were just on the same page about the genre and the projects we do. Because we also work for another company together.

JC: It’s not often you get to make a film where the director is a close friend. Often, an actor can be distant from the director, and sometime the director isn’t an “actor’s” director. Can you talk about what it was like making the film with Harrison Smith? The day to day, if you will?

FR: Oh my gosh. He’s probably the easiest going director there is. I’ve been lucky that I’ve worked with a lot of really good director and friends who are directors. But Harrison is a real actor’s director. Like when we did ‘Zombie Killers’, that role was so difficult for me because she’s not only polar opposite of myself, but in the story, Leah is the church leader of the town. They were shoes I hadn’t yet stepped into. And he really gets involved with you as a director on set. He’s available, and loving, and just wants to take care of you as an actor AND a person. So yeah, I always have the best time. Like, I want to work with Harrison for the rest of my career.

Felissa Rose as Rachel in Harrison Smith’s ‘Camp Dread’- Courtesy of Class of 85

JC: ‘Death House’ looks like one hell of a thrill ride, to say the least. Can you talk about your character in the film?

FR: Well I play Dr. Angela Freeman in the film. And the doctor’s are a bit STRANGE in ‘Death House’. I work with Richard Speight Jr.‘s character, I’m his assistant. And it’s sort of like, where we work in the Death House is the unveiling of what really goes on. So I don’t want to give too much away as my character, especially, is like a reveal and a secret. It was just a lot of fun. And that day on set, there was a lot of laughing and a lot of crazy. And I have to say, Richard Speight Jr. is unbelievable. I don’t know if you know him, he’s on ‘Supernatural’. He plays arch angel Gaberial.

JC: Yes! I actually do know him!! That’s awesome. ‘Supernatural’ is so much fun.

FR: Yeah, he’s such a phenomenal actor. We couldn’t wait to work together on something. I was like “Please come play with us!” and he said “I’m there”.

JC: I don’t want to ask how long you shot on ‘Death House’, because that may illicit ideas as to what happens to your character. Then again, since you work behind the scenes as producer, you could have been there the whole time.

FR: Well I wasn’t there for the Pennsylvania portion of the project, just the LA stuff. But I was there producing as well.

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