‘Death House’: Interview With The Stunning Felissa Rose (Part II)

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Official One-Sheet for Harrison Smith’s ‘Death House’- Courtesy of Entertainment Factory.

JC: ‘Death House’ was shot in two different locations?

FR: Yeah! East coast and west coast.

JC: Like an exterior/interior situation?

FR: In Pennsylvania, they were mainly inside the prison. But in LA, and this is interesting, Harrison called me and said “I’m doing a shot, but I need an exterior” and I said “I’m totally down, I have the perfect place” And everybody was like, “You can’t do that, it’s going to be a whole other company move’. So I said “If your trust me, I promise it will work out.” And Harrison said  “I trust you” And it was amazing’. Yes I’m patting myself on the back!

JC: Don’t worry, I do it all the time haha!

FR: Haha, like it was hard. Time wise, we had Tony Todd on set. So they were worried about getting the trailer there. It there were a lot of variables involved to make sure it went off. And thankfully, it was our only exterior. And I wanted that dichotomy, I wanted that, because its so dark and brooding, I wanted to have that light.

JC: You say that essentially it’s the only exterior, which as a fan, makes me excited about the film takingplace primarily in the prison. That Harrison is completely focusing the narrative about the location. Like the Overlook hotel in ‘The Shining’, it sound like the prison in ‘Death House’ is going to almost be a character. So, to a different point, it sound like you had a lot of fun on the film.

FR: YES!!. I always have f****** fun making movies. Because If I’m not having fun, I’m out. I’m walking out the door, Yeah it’s hard work, but that’s why there has to be some semblance of fun.

Felissa Rose as Angela Baker in ‘Sleepaway Camp’

JC: Exactly. My biggest fear is being on my death bed about thinking I didn’t spend my time on the right things. You can’t take money with you, so it’s awesome that you seem to be grounded in your work and life.

FR: Yeah, I stood there a lot of times, overlooking the kitchen, and I’m looking at all these actors on set. There’s Tony Moran, Dee Wallace, Sid Haig, Bill Mosely, Barbra Crampton. It was crazy! It was a dream.

JC: It sounds like the shoot was truly memorable. Do you have a fondest memory shooting ‘Death House’? I know Kane’s a well-known prankster.

FR: I have a shot of myself sitting with Kane. Anytime I’m with Kane, it’s overwhelming. Not only am I a fan of his work, he’s a close friend of mine. Richard Speight Jr. was also amazing to work with.

JC: Felissa, you have been amazing, so I’ll leave you with this question. What’s the biggest problem with horror today and how do we fix it?

FR: I mean, I just want to give independent horror more tender, love, and care. Because I do feel like we allow studio horror to take front and center, and I just think we’re missing out on some hidden gems. And that’s not to take away anything from the big stuff, because TV has some great stuff, but I have a lot of friends who make a lot of stuff and their stuff is forgotten. We can support both things, just that we need to support the mom and popsprojects.

JC: Just like 1428, you have to support the little guy.

FR: Hell yeah!

JC: Thanks so much! Have a good trip home!


Fright fans, was that amazing or what!? Not only is Felissa one of the most authentic people I’ve ever met or interviewed in all my years of fandom and journalism, she’s bright and hardworking. While there’re some who seem less human and more robotic, this lovely female is the real deal. If you’re ever at a convention and the amazing Felissa Rose is on the card, stop by and chat. You’ll be glad you did!

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