‘American Horror Story’: ‘Chapter 1’ Is Bright And Boldly Brilliant Opener


After giving fans five previous seasons of various quality, FX’s ‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 explodes onto the scenes with an unforgettable opener. Welcome back to America’s Horror Story.

Ten years ago, many people wouldn’t recognize the name Ryan Murphy. Due to his FX show, Nip/Tuck, still being in its infancy and his biggest hits ahead of him, the name likely didn’t ring a bell. Since then, along with Brad Falchuk, Murphy has created some of the best television of the last decade.

Therefore, enter FX’s American Horror Story. Born from Murphy’s success with Fox’s Glee, AHS was unlike anything the horror world had seen. Debuting in 2011, AHS began redefining the anthology, not on the silver screen, but the small screen inside our homes.

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Since its inception, American Horror Story has been a rollercoaster of quality to say the least. Without getting into the horror of the most unsuccessful seasons, as I’m sure you horror heads have a least favorite season or two, the show’s always been hit or miss.

So, when AHS started airing red herring ads for Season 6, I began getting skeptical. While I truly love the concept, it was increasingly looking like the series was in the beginning of a major creative decline. But, I waited until the show debuted last night to judge; thank the horror gods I did.

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sarah Paulson in ‘American Horror Story’- Courtesy of FX

I’ll start by saying this – the opener of American Horror Story Season 6 is one of the best premiere episodes in the history of television. Simply titled Chapter 1, because of the opener’s ability in acting like a mini-movie, I ate every last bite of it. While I’m sure some of you’ll doubt this claim, please grant me some of your time and hear me out.

Dubbing Season 6 My Roanoke Nightmare, AHS changes its surreal settings for…well for real settings. Rather than cheap frights, Chapter 1 focuses on an interracial couple fed up with the city life – the opener’s biggest draw is its human angle. Subsequently moving to the country, the couple’s authenticity was something I was not expecting from a show like AHS.

Moreover, Chapter 1’s structure is also pleasantly surprising. So, while the experience feels beyond real, it’s due to the way the narrative is portrayed. I won’t ruin for anyone, as I’d never take the joy I was feeling while watching from another, but just know it’s great.

On top of that, Chapter 1 features stellar acting from its three main players (Cuba Gooding Jr. IS BACK BABY!!), a effectively grounded script from series creators Ryan Murphy and Bradley Buecker, and stellar direction by Bradly Buecker.

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Therefore, I’ll stop here, because I’m keeping the surprises for my horror heads out there. AHS Season 6 reviews in the future will go into more detail, but it’s best to let this one shock you on its own.


Bradley Buecker‘s Chapter 1 is brilliant to the core – I rarely use the word. It’s a magnificent hour of television causing me to think of offering everything I own to see the season early. American Horror Story has truly solidified itself as a can’t miss TV event with its opener, and I’m counting down the days until horror comes back home.


Check out a preview of next week’s

Chapter 2

below, courtesy of FX:

Loving American Horror Story Season 6? Anticipating the rest of the season? Let the  other horror heads know what you think in the comment section below. Tune into AHS Wednesdays at 10PM ET/PT, only on FX.