All But Forgotten Halloween TV Specials

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Halloween Is Grinch Night

Every Christmas, many people are sure to watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)Who doesn’t shed a tear when the Grinch’s heart grows three sizes and he finally gives in and becomes a well-liked citizen of the community?

Well apparently that lesson didn’t last because 11 years later he was back to his old ways in Halloween Is Grinch Night. It is now Halloween or Grinch Night in Whoville. Everyone is afraid of the havoc the Grinch will cause this night. All the Whos lock hide away in their homes.

However, little Euchariah has to use the euphemism (IE Outhouse).  On his way to the euphemism,  Euchariah gets lost in the Grinch Night storm.

Of course, he runs into the Grinch. The crafty Euchariah tricks the Grinch into trying to scare him which kills enough time for Grinch Night to be over. Euchariah causes the poor Grinch to miss the Grinch Night Ball. Euchariah finally comes back home and they live happily ever after… or at least until next Grinch Night.