All But Forgotten Halloween TV Specials

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Garfield’s Halloween Adventure

In the 1980s and 90s, everyone’s favorite lasagna loving feline had 3 holiday specials. Garfield celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas respectively.

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure has the paunchy pussycat and his pal Odie on the prowl for candy. As they go trick or treating they end up in a haunted house. Things get comically spookier from there.

Mad Monster Party

Before Adam Sandler opened Hotel Transylvania, the folks responsible for all those classic stop-motion Christmas specials we know and love tried their hand at Halloween. The result was Mad Monster Party.

Dr. Frankenstein is retiring from monster making and calls together a convention of every famous monster to be his successor.

Fat Albert’s Halloween Special

I don’t know why Fat Albert isn’t still shown on TV anymore. Maybe it’s because calling someone fat isn’t politically correct. I guess the “PC police” worry about all the good-natured jabs at Fat Albert, but if they’d get their heads out of their butts they’d realize Fat Albert’s Halloween Special has a very important message.

Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids are afraid of a house they think is haunted and the creepy person who lives there on Halloween. They try to avoid the house while trick or treating. Eventually, they end up there and learn not to judge a book by its cover.

This brings us to yours truly’s all time favorite Halloween TV special that you most likely won’t see on television this Halloween season…