All But Forgotten Halloween TV Specials

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The Halloween Tree

Ray Bradbury’s classic novel about a group of childhood friends who save their dying friend and learn the history of Halloween gets animated. The late Leonard Nimoy brings to life Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud (If you didn’t already know it you’d never recognize Nimoy from Moundshroud’s voice), the children’s sinister guide into the past of Halloween.

The Halloween Tree is extremely entertaining and never preachy. The Halloween Tree isn’t shown anymore and that is a travesty, because it is both entertaining and informative. With all the animated movies being remade in live action, I wish Hollywood would make a live action The Halloween Tree. If they have trouble casting Moundshroud, look no further than Robert Englund.

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Well residents of Elm Street, do you remember any of these forgotten Halloween TV specials? Which is your favorite? Did we forget any? Youtube has most of these Halloween TV specials if you would like to see them again.