Freddy vs. Jason: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Photo: New Line Cinema

8. Early draft ideas called for closer connection between Freddy and Jason

Horror fans were dying for years for this movie to come out by the time it finally did. When New Line finally pulled the trigger on making it happen, the first problem they ran into was the story. They knew Freddy and Jason would have a fight… but how would they get there?

Originally, the writers thought about developing a much closer connection between the two iconic bogeymen. They wanted a good reason to explain Jason going after Freddy. One thought was to reveal that Freddy had sex with Jason’s mother (possibly through rape) and is actually Jason’s father. Wow— talk about contrived.

Another idea to explain their feud was to say Freddy actually once worked at Camp Crystal Lake. He would be revealed to have sexually abused Jason, and/or be involved in his “accidental” drowning in the lake. Somehow, this idea is even more terrible than Jason being Freddy’s son.

Fortunately, the scriptwriters realized that going in either of these directions would be too farfetched. That’s not to say the finished script is completely logical— tranquilizers somehow work on Jason, after all. But at least the plot wasn’t as nonsensical.