Freddy vs. Jason: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Gibb Smith in Freddy vs. Jason (Photo from New Line)

5. Ronny Yu and Katharine Isabelle’s on-set fighting

The guy who ultimately did end up directing the movie, Ronny Yu, had some issues with one of the lead actresses. Apparently, there was some miscommunication between Yu and Katharine Isabelle, who plays Gibb Smith in the film. And it all had to do with nudity.

Isabelle makes no secret about the fact that she refuses to do nude scenes in films. Regardless, Yu suggested she play a character in Freddy vs. Jason, and she agreed, under the condition that she wouldn’t shoot any nude scenes. Much to her dismay, she read the script after signing on and learned that her character, Gibb, was required to do a nude shower scene.

This made the relationship between the actress and the director a rocky one. Isabelle claims Yu insisted she do the scene, while she held her ground and refused. Ultimately, a nude stunt double was brought in for the scene in question, and Isabelle never had to get naked for the cameras.

Later, Isabelle publicly bashed the film, saying, “I was expecting more from the film.” It’s possible her salty experience behind the camera caused her to feel bitter about the entire movie. Or, maybe she just really thinks it sucks.