Freddy vs. Jason: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Jason Takes Manhattan (Courtesy of Paramount)

3. The new Jason was already defeated by the old Jason

Ken Kirzinger may have been the new Jason for Freddy vs. Jason, but he isn’t new to the franchise. In fact, Kirzinger has a small part in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. And, interestingly enough, he comes face to face with Jason Voorhees himself, the monster he will later portray.

In the scene, the protagonists are running from Jason in New York. They come into a diner, fleeing in terror from the zombified murderer. An apathetic waitress offers no help. Suddenly, Jason bursts into the diner, eliciting a response from a large cook who comes from the kitchen.

This cook is Ken Kirzinger himself. Kirzinger gets in Jason’s face, and is promptly thrown into the wall for his efforts. As Hodder defeated Kirzinger in this scuffle, does that perhaps suggest that he is the better Jason after all?

As an added bonus of trivial information, Kirzinger also doubled as Jason in certain scenes of the same film. So, technically he had already played Jason by the time he officially became him for Freddy vs. Jason. This makes only him, along with Hodder, to be one of two actors to have played Jason more than once.