Freddy vs. Jason: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Doug Bradley as Pinhead in Clive Barker’s ‘Hellraiser’- Courtesy of New World Pictures

2. An original ending included another horror movie icon

The idea of Freddy vs. Jason was always a great one. But the biggest problem was how to end such an incredible meeting between the two legends. You want to give due respect to both of the horror film franchises, but you also need a strong ending. How do you conclude the story without either Jason or Freddy looking weak?

One of the earlier ideas was to include another of the most famous horror movie villains. Jason and Freddy would battle literally all the way into the depths of Hell. With no end to the fight in sight, things take an even more horrifying turn. Chains spew out from the walls and into the flesh of both Freddy and Jason… old school horror fans already see where this is going.

Out of the darkness would step Pinhead, who would have a “What seems to be the problem, gentlemen?” type of moment. This could possibly set up for a sequel to the movie, which is also why it ended up not being used. The writers felt that doing a follow-up with Jason and Freddy already in Hell left little room to bring in “victims”, or people to relate to. It was just too “fantastical” of an idea.