Top 10 Underrated Horror Movie Sequels

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Leprechaun – Photo: Trimark Pictures

9. Leprechaun 3

The general consensus seems to be that all of the Leprechaun movies suck. I disagree. While at least a couple of them are absolutely awful, there is enjoyment to be found in the franchise. And despite its cheesy nature, I find Leprechaun 3 to be the most entertaining of the bunch.

It’s a very simple story. Leprechaun has a magical coin which grants people one wish each. He kills his victims in ironic ways by using their own wishes against them. For example, the most memorable part of the film is the magician’s death. He wishes to be the best magician in the world, and the leprechaun shows up during his act. He ends up sawing the illusionist in half with a real chainsaw while the audience assumes it’s a trick.

Meanwhile, one man who was bitten by the little guy finds himself turning into a leprechaun himself. He must destroy the leprechaun by burning his gold before the transformation completes.

Yeah, it’s not exactly horrifying, but not all horror movies need to be. There’s a place for entertaining horror-comedies, as well. Franchise star Warwick Davis also agrees with me, referring to Leprechaun 3 as his favorite in the series. He credits the humor in the story and the great job done by the director.