Top 10 Underrated Horror Movie Sequels

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House of the Dead 2 – Photo: Lionsgate

8. House of the Dead 2

What’s the worst zombie movie of all time? If you’ve seen Uwe Boll’s House of the Dead, you don’t even need to ponder the question. Based on the popular Sega video game series, the House of the Dead movie fails miserably in its attempt to do the franchise justice.

The acting is horrible; people are literally laughing when supposed to be horrified. Boom mics are constantly in the shot, and that’s just one of many directorial errors. The story itself is miserable and completely unlike the games in which it’s based.

In short— there is not one redeeming quality about House of the Dead.

So, I’m betting you don’t know that they actually made a sequel for it. I couldn’t tell you why, as nobody likes the first movie. But at least the studio was smart enough to go with someone other than Uwe Boll.

And you know what? House of the Dead 2 is surprisingly good. I’m not saying it’s great, mind you. But even if it’s mediocre at best, it’s leaps and bounds ahead of that abysmal original film. Director Michael Hurst definitely has a better understanding of the undead than Boll, and the result is a decent— if typical— zombie flick.