Top 10 Underrated Horror Movie Sequels

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Creepshow 2 – Photo: New World Pictures

7. Creepshow 2

There’s a reason why 1982’s Creepshow is such a cult classic. You’ve got horror legend George A. Romero directing a horror anthology film written by Stephen King. Talk about your horror dream teams. And, truth be told, the movie is pretty damn awesome.

In 1987, a follow-up film was made. Creepshow 2 features a new director in Michael Gornick, who serves as the cinematographer of the first movie. But Romero and King are also still involved— Romero writes the screenplay based on some of King’s short stories.

There are only three tales in the second film, compared to five in the first. But each one is very unique and oddly very entertaining. “Old Chief Wood’nhead” is about a cigar store indian going on a revenge killing spree. “The Raft” features a blob-like water creature feasting on college students. And “The Hitch-hiker” shows an adulterous woman evading a hitchhiker she accidentally kills.

On Rotten TomatoesCreepshow 2 holds a pitiful 33%. This is completely unacceptable. I’m not sure I’m saying that the second film is as well made as the first. But it’s really a solid horror film and does its job as a sequel.

When it comes to Creepshow 3, though, the critics are right— THAT movie sucks.