Top 10 Underrated Horror Movie Sequels

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Halloween 4 (Dimension Films)

3. Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers

I was just discussing Halloween III and how it left many franchise fans feeling disenfranchised. People were clamoring for the return of Michael Myers, and that’s exactly what they got with Halloween IV. To kick off a new set of sequels, Myers returns to Haddonfield to pick up where he left off.

This time, Laurie Strode is nowhere to be seen. It’s hinted she may have passed away off-screen before the movie. But Myers still seems intent on killing her niece Jamie Lloyd, played by child actress Danielle Harris. Myers kills any and everyone in his way as he spends Halloween night stalking the horrified young girl.

Harris does a phenomenal job with her role, and you’re rooting for Jamie throughout the movie. The kills are brutal and what you would expect from Myers. And a freaky as hell twist ending still disturbs me to this day when I think about it, decades after watching it (even if Halloween V invalidates it).

I’ll admit flat out that The Return of Michael Myers is my favorite Halloween sequel. With the exception of John Carpenter’s original classic, I say Halloween IV is the best the series has to offer.