Top 5 Underrated Horror Movie Villains

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Cropsey as seen in The Burning. (Filmsway Pictures)

4. Cropsey (The Burning)

The 1981 summer camp slasher flick The Burning is more than Seinfeld star Jason Alexander’s film debut. It features a live action embodiment of a villain whose story is told in urban legends. Based on those actual tales of a homicidal man known as Cropsey, The Burning sees the iconic bogeyman slaying his way through a summer camp. With a pair of garden shears as his weapon of choice, Cropsey builds up a body count.

Most people who see the film agree that it is awesome. It’s a favorite among big horror fans, and it has a huge cult following. The only problem is that it didn’t get nearly the level of attention as similar films like Friday the 13th. With no sequels to keep the franchise alive either, it’s commonly overlooked by modern horror fans.

But if you’re into horror films and have yet to see The Burning, do yourself a favor and watch it. It’s a visceral flick and Cropsey is just as vicious of a villain as Jason, Michael, and Freddy. The legend of the real life Cropsey still persists, and a 2009 documentary was even made on the subject. But only in The Burning has the infamous urban legend been at its most horrifying.