Top 5 Underrated Horror Movie Villains

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Pet Sematary Two (Paramount Pictures)

2. Gus Gilbert (Pet Sematary Two)

Horror fans everywhere were traumatized by the feature film adaptation of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. The story is about a magical graveyard which brings any corpse you bury in it back to life. This includes both humans and animals. But the only problem is they come back different— much more homicidal than they were before. Pet Sematary is considered a fan favorite by many who love the horror genre.

With the success of the first film, a sequel from Mary Lambert would premiere in 1992. The critical reception was unfortunately not as warm as before. But that doesn’t mean the movie itself is inherently terrible. There were many qualities, in fact, including having a freaky primary villain in Gus.

In the movie, Edward Furlong stars as Jeff, the son of a veterinarian moving into a new town. His new friend’s dog is shot dead by his alcoholic stepdad Gus— the local sheriff. When the boys bury the dog, it comes back and mauls Gus. Panicking, they make the huge mistake of burying Gus there, as well.

You can guess what happens next. Gus turns vicious and basically goes on a killing spree. He turns out to be obsessed with Jeff’s mother, and demands Jeff help him bury her corpse in the “pet sematary” to bring her back too. All in all, a very disturbing character.