The Walking Dead: Top 5 Characters Who Had It Coming

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We’ve said goodbye to a lot of characters on The Walking Dead, and shed many tears in the process. But here are five deaths which are actually satisfying.

I have a feeling that after the premiere of Season 7, Negan is going to be who people want to die the most. He’s guaranteed to kill at least one beloved member of our crew, with everyone else powerless to stop it.

Hopefully, Negan will meet a bitter end like some of the other bad guys on the series. People like…

Jeff Kober on The Walking Dead (Photo: AMC)

5. Joe

After the prison fell thanks to the Governor and his tank, the survivors would scatter everywhere. Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene wound up on their own, deep in the woods. Soon after, Beth would be taken, and Daryl became totally alone.

That’s when a man named Joe and his gang discovers him. Joe can tell Daryl is useful, so he brings him into the group. They are murderous raiders whose only regard is for themselves, but Daryl has no other place to go.

Eventually, the thugs would come across Rick, Carl, and Michonne. Joe proves how sick he really is by having one of his men attempt to sexually assault Carl. This removes any possible sympathy one might feel when Rick bites Joe’s throat out moments later. The same goes for the rest of the gang that our heroes then take out.