The Walking Dead: Top 5 Characters Who Had It Coming

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Andrew J. West as Gareth on The Walking Dead (Photo: AMC)

3. Gareth

With the prison no longer a safe place to live, everyone looks for a new safe haven. They all happen to see these random maps pointing towards a place called Terminus. Everyone finally arrives and wind up locked in a boxcar. It turns out it’s a ruse for cannibals to lure in potential victims.

The apparent leader of the cannibal camp is Gareth. Apparently Terminus legitimately started out as a safe place for travelers, until a group of raiders took over the camp. Gareth realizes that he was going to be either the butcher or the cattle. He retakes control of the place and locks up the raiders who had taken the camp.

Gareth lines up a group of the men to be chopped up into steaks. He shows zero emotion when ordering the cannibalization of the men. For all intents and purposes, he is treating them like, well, cattle.

It makes it all the more satisfying when Carol busts the gang out of Terminus. The place is blown to hell, but Gareth survives and comes after the group. With a small group of crones, he kidnaps Bob and eats his leg. He then organizes an attack on the church they’re staying in.

But Rick outsmarts Gareth. The group corners Gareth and his thugs in the church. To prevent the people-eater from ever harming anyone again, Rick hacks him Jason-style with a large machete.