The Walking Dead: Top 5 Characters Who Had It Coming

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Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh on The Walking Dead (Photo: AMC)

2. Shane Walsh

Shane didn’t start out as a bad guy. Flashbacks revealed that he only left Rick behind in the hospital because he couldn’t help him. The power went out, and Shane couldn’t detect a heartbeat. He thought Rick was dead, so he fled with Lori and Carl to keep them safe.

The problem, as we all remember, is that Shane fell in love with Lori. They develop a sexual relationship which lasts until Rick surprises them by finding their camp in Atlanta. Shane realizes his relationship with Lori is over at that point, and the jealousy consumes him.

Shane tries at different times to hit on Lori. He also shows himself to be considering killing Rick. It all comes to a head when Shane lures Rick out into the woods with the intent of getting him alone, so he can murder him. His plan is to kill Rick so he can have Lori all to himself.

But Rick sees this coming, and has a backup plan. He stabs Shane in the stomach in self defense, putting an end to his best friend’s life. Shane reanimates soon after, at which point a young Carl shoots him right in the head.