The Walking Dead: Top 5 Heartbreaking Moments

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Ahead of the big reveal on The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, I’m taking a look at the top five most heartbreaking moments of the series leading up to it.

We’ll probably have a new number one after the premiere of Season 7. But, for now, let’s look at the saddest moments from Seasons 1 through 6.

These instances has been so traumatizing, viewers still get sad thinking about them today. They’re great examples of the show’s ability to make fans care so much about the characters. It hurts all the more when they left us, starting with…

The Walking Dead (AMC)

5. Lori Grimes dies in the prison

I know, I know, not everyone likes Lori. That’s certainly an understatement. Back when Rick’s wife was still around, she was easily the most hated character on the series. Personally, I didn’t see her as being any worse than Rick.

Regardless, even most of her haters shed many tears when Lori unexpectedly dies in Season 3. Earlier in the episode, T-Dog bit it (err, got bit) and Carol wound up missing. It didn’t seem likely Lori would die after these moments and so early into the season. So when she had labor problems, it still seemed she’d make it.

As we know, that didn’t happen. Lori convinces Maggie to cut the baby out of her, which would surely end Lori’s life. Her heartfelt goodbye to Carl could make the toughest of us choke up, regardless of how any of us felt about Lori.