The Walking Dead: Top 5 Heartbreaking Moments

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The Walking Dead (AMC)

4. Carol puts down Lizzie to protect Judith

Carol’s heart was shattered the moment she lost her daughter Sophia in Season 2 of the series. It was obvious she didn’t want to see any more children being lost to the walkers. That’s why she introduced weapons training to the kids at the prison as seen in Season 4.

In the prison was also where Carol would meet two young girls, Lizzie and Mika. Their father would perish in a breach in the prison, asking Carol to help watch over the girls. Thinking of her own daughter who was gone, Carol took the girls under her wing to raise them as if they were her own.

However, it was also apparent Lizzie had issues. She had taken a liking to the walkers, even naming some of them. She didn’t seem them as monsters the way everyone else did. In fact, she was convinced they retain some of their consciousness upon turning, and that everyone would be better off if they became zombies.

Everything culminates in a moment where Lizzie kills her younger sister Mika. She was just about to do the same to baby Judith when Carol and Tyreese intervene. Lizzie has no idea she murdered her sister— she honestly feels she is helping her.

At that moment, Carol realizes Lizzie is too far gone. Judith would forever be in danger with looney Lizzie in the group. So through heavy tears, Carol tells Lizzie to look at the pretty flowers… then shoots her in the back of the head.