‘The Walking Dead’ Alternate Death Scene Much More Heartbreaking


Several alternate death scenes were filmed for The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, and one with Negan killing Maggie has leaked online.

And, to be quite honest, it’s far more depressing than what actually happens.

I hope by now you’re aware of the Season 7 premiere of the show. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve seen or heard about it. But, just in case, I’m going to spoil it in this article, as I’m going to be talking a lot about it.

In the opener of the newest season of The Walking Dead, Negan kills Abraham and Glenn. I was calling Glenn before the episode aired, and have since complained about it being too predictable. I pondered how much more shocking it’d be if, say, Maggie were the one Negan kills instead.

And that very well could have been what happened.

To keep a lid on the secret, AMC had several different death scenes filmed for the segment. We saw little glimpses of this on the show, with Rick imagining what could happen to the others if he doesn’t comply. But at least an entire death scene was filmed with Maggie, as revealed in a new clip leaked online.


Take a look at the video below. It’s blurry as hell and the video is obscured, but it’s still clear what’s happening:

In the clip, Negan chooses Maggie to die. Glenn screams for them not to take her, but he is knocked to the ground. Negan then bashes the bat down on Maggie’s skull. She spits some blood out before he cracks it down again, ending the clip.

This is obviously not what happens in the final episode, nor was it ever going to be. But even seeing so little of the scene, it comes across as so much more devastating. I grieve for Glenn and I will miss him— but to have him crying out, unable to help as Negan pulverizes Maggie, was somehow even worse.

This is a death nobody would see coming, not even the comic readers. It’s so chilling to watch, even in blurry form.

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