‘Friday the 13th’ Interview: Gory Game Co-Creator Ronnie Hobbs Part II

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‘Friday the 13th: The Game’-Courtesy of Gun Media and ILLFONIC

SS: Exactly. So when did the game come out?

RH: About three years ago.

SS: About exactly how successful are we talking here?

RH: Around 1.8 million downloads. It was a three or four dollar game, depending on if you got it on sale or not.

SS: While these aren’t questions from my preparation and notes, I have to ask this. It’s just the way my brain works. How does that work exactly, the market place for downloadable games. How much of a cut does say Apple or Sony get when you sell your game on their platforms?

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RH: 30 percent is the industry standard. We had to pay Apple that everything we sold a copy of ‘Breach and Clear.’ We get 70 percent.

SS: Just like if I were to sell something on Amazon. Even then, 70 percent isn’t bad at all. That’s a nice chunk of change in Gun Media’s pocket….if companies can have pockets. OK, moving on. So your next game is certainly on a lot of radars. The game of course is Friday the 13th. While it’s called that now, it didn’t start out with that legendary title.  Can you talk about Summer Camp and how that became Friday the 13th: The Game.

RH: So after ‘Breach and Clear’, we sat down as a company and said “So what are we doing next?”  We had a lot of ideas. And…OK let me backtrack and say this. When you have a dream project, you really don’t think that it’s even possible.  You want to make a Friday the 13th ‘game, you have the ideas, but you don’t have the license. Then we just said “Lets just do the slasher game”. So let’s not get too close to the fire, you know not to breach ‘Friday the 13th’s’ commercial license, but let’s play in the world in a way. We knew it was a great idea.

SS: I’ve never heard of a game like it and I’ve wanted one my entire life. A slasher game like that.

RH: Exactly. We knew it had never been done in games before. To be the killer tracking  and hunting people down. Or someone trying to survive and run for their lives. It’s been done in movies since the ’70s and ’80s. Not only are we film lovers, but that idea is traced back and influenced from years in games. In ‘Silent Hill 2’, Pyramid Head would track you down. You’re probably familiar with the film.

SS: Hahah, I’m not that young. I remember ‘Silent Hill 2;.

RH: Or in ‘Resident Evil: Nemesis’, the Tyrant would bust through walls and scare the hell our of you. Just like Jason does.

SS: Wait,did you just bring up Resident Evil 3? That’s awesome, I’m a huge fan of the game franchise.

RH: Oh Yeah! So he would bust through walls, and to me, that was pure Jason Voorhees. It was kind of like playing a ‘Friday the 13th’ type game in that aspect. And there were other influences as well. Scissor Man from ‘Clock Tower’ is another one. So there were all these influences and it stems from trying to run from a huge killer you seemingly can’t defeat. So Summer Camp started as a huge multiplayer version of that.


How about that camp counselors? Much like the first part of our interview with Gun Media’s Ronnie Hobbs, the second part is packed with major info that’s beyond interesting. I especially loved finding out about how the process works getting your stuff on the PlayStation Network or Steam, for example.

So, if you are enjoying our interview with Ronnie Hobbs, don’t go anywhere you Gory Gamers. Soon, we’ll be bringing you even more of our multi-part interview with the media maverick. Only, we’re gearing up to bring you guys in-depth details about the creation of one of the most anticipated products in both the horror and gaming industry: Friday the 13th: The Game.

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Stay with 1428 as we continue to bring you everything Friday the 13th, including stuff on the franchise, the next Ronnie Hobbs interview installments, and the highly anticipated game. Till next time, keep looking over your shoulders camp counselors. Jason could be out there!!

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