The Walking Dead: 10 Key Moments From ‘Service’

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Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh on The Walking Dead (Photo: AMC)

1. Rick finally admits baby Judith isn’t really his

Rick didn’t end up meeting Michonne until well after Shane’s death. He never liked to talk about Shane either, so Michonne never really knew much about him. But in this new episode, he finally confides in her about his relationship with Shane. But in the process of doing so, he drops a major bombshell.

As the story goes, Shane and Lori thought Rick was dead. They were having a sexual relationship in the wake of this, until Rick would later find them. Sometime after, Lori discovers she is pregnant. After Shane dies, Lori herself would also pass away when the baby was born. So Rick has been raising baby Judith ever since.

But Rick also tells Michonne something the rest of us have always suspected. Baby Judith is Shane’s child, and not Rick’s. Rick has never actually addressed this on the show before, so what he thought about Shane’s possible paternity has always been unclear. Now, it’s crystal clear. As Rick tells Michonne, he knows Judith is not his child, but he had to accept it anyway. He is raising her as his own so she can survive. It’s got to be hard on him, but it’s certainly great he’s never held it against the little girl.

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