The Walking Dead: 10 Key Moments From ‘Service’

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The Walking Dead (AMC)

9. Dwight is the new Daryl?

Spencer and Rosita are preparing to go on a scavenging run when Dwight stops them. He remembers Daryl’s motorcycle from a previous encounter, and he wants it. Dwight can tell from the look on Rosita’s face that she knows exactly where it is, so her order her and Spencer to retrieve it. Just to be a troll, he dumps her entire canteen to ensure they won’t be out there for too long.

To keep the peace, Rosita complies. She later delivers the motorcycle back to Dwight. The Saviors have even brought Daryl himself along on this mission, and he gets to see this himself. It’s got to be humbling to see Dwight wearing Daryl’s own vest and riding his bike. And Dwight even tells Daryl that he could have it all back, if he were to just “say the word”.

But Daryl Dixon isn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. He stays mum, choosing to endure hell rather than be a loyal Negan soldier. It’s sickening to see someone like Dwight mocking Daryl with his own stuff. At the same time, it’s satisfying to see Daryl refusing to give in to them, no matter what.