The Walking Dead: 10 Key Moments From ‘Service’

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Negan on The Walking Dead (AMC)

7. Carl shoots his gun with disastrous consequences

After killing Glenn and Abraham, Negan said he would return in a week. That’s when he would collect his first offering from the Alexandrians in exchange for their lives. The deal is that he and the Saviors are entitled take “half” of all of their stuff.

But as the Saviors start looting the town, a gunshot is heard. Negan investigates with Rick to discover that Carl had fired a shot. Carl says he shot the gun as a warning because the thugs were taking all of their medicine. The deal was supposed to be for half, so Carl isn’t willing to just let all of the medicine go.

Negan spares Carl, but now sees the guns as a threat. Now, the Alexandrians can’t be trusted with weapons. Negan orders his men to confiscate all of the town’s guns. Rick doesn’t want to see anybody else getting hurt, so he goes along with Negan’s orders. He agrees to surrender all of the guns to Negan.

It’s easy to blame Carl for this. Negan used the warning shot as a reason to explain taking the guns away. But, really, I’m sure the Saviors were going to haul everything away anyway once they saw the armory.