The Walking Dead: 10 Key Moments From ‘Service’

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The Walking Dead (AMC)

6. Rick contemplates whacking Negan with Lucille

In a true display of dominance, Negan makes Rick hold Lucille. Yes, the same barbwire covered baseball bat used to kill Glenn and Abraham. As Negan walks around Alexandria doing whatever the hell it is he wants, Rick must carry the bat like a personal servant. It’s a truly disgusting thing to witness.

This all weighs very heavily on Rick, who’s clearly uncomfortable with it right away. More than once in the episode, we see his grip on the bat tighten. Staring at Negan from behind, Rick can feel his fingers wrap much more tightly around the weapon. One whack with the bat would be all it would take. The opportunity is there, but what further damage would it cause? Would it just get everyone else in the town, including Carl, killed?

In the end, Rick decides that it isn’t worth taking the chance. He continues to tap out, giving in to Negan at every chance. But just seeing him grip that bat just a little bit tighter does show he holds quite a disdain for Negan. He’s just not wanting to see anyone else get killed, so he’s keeping the peace by doing whatever he can.