The Walking Dead: 10 Key Moments From ‘Service’

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5. Rick gives Negan another gun he didn’t know about

Before Negan leaves, Rick realizes something. Michonne had been hunting earlier and returned with a dead deer in tow. Rick sees her in a window, and asks Negan if he can have a minute. Negan disagrees at first, but after a little persuading, he lets Rick take care of whatever it is he’s doing. Rick then skirts off and meets up with Michonne.

It turns out Michonne’s hunting rifle wasn’t on the inventory list. She totally could have kept it, as she was insisting happen. However, Rick told Michonne he was giving it up to Negan. He isn’t risking getting anyone else hurt, so he wants to give Negan the gun. It’s the only firearm they have left in the town, and despite Michonne’s reluctance, Rick takes it away.

Of course, Negan is happy to receive the gun. He also takes the deer, because why the hell not. Not everyone is on board to completely comply with Negan in this way. But as of now, Rick’s still the leader, so everyone, even Michonne, plays along. Still, that gun could have ended up coming in handy, so as long as someone other than Michonne was the one using it.