The Walking Dead: 10 Key Moments From ‘Service’

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3. Rick and Spencer have a heated confrontation

While Rosita and Spencer are out, it is discovered that two guns are missing from the inventory log. Negan isn’t pleased about this, and threatens to kill Olivia if they don’t turn up. Olivia is in charge of the inventory, and if she isn’t doing that job properly, then she’s going to be the one to bite it.

Rick pleads with the town to give up the weapons. However, nobody comes forward with them. Soon after, Rick realizes that it must be Spencer. He’s not present in the town, and he’s done similar antics before. So he goes about tearing through Spencer’s house to find where he’s hiding them.

Luckily, Rick finds the missing guns there and gives them to Negan. This keeps Olivia and the others safe for now. But Rick is now furious at Spencer, and lets him know as much after Negan leaves. And at first, Spencer doesn’t back down, and make a rude comment about how maybe if Rick did things differently, Abe and Glenn would still be around.

Without even looking at Spencer, Rick says that he will break his jaw if he ever hears something like that again. He makes Spencer agree before walking away. Rick may not have any control over Negan, but he’s not going to put up with someone like Spencer.