The Walking Dead: 10 Key Moments From ‘Service’

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2. Michonne finds the town’s beds burning in a pile

The guns were one thing, but the Saviors also took away all of the beds in town. Rick and Michonne have to lay out blankets as the place to lay their heads for the night. It’s a sad state of affairs to go from relative comfort to sleeping on the floor. But giving up the beds was going to keep all of them alive for a little while longer, so they had to make the deal.

Michonne is very unhappy with giving in to Negan. Still, she resigns to sleeping on the floor for now. But the whole thing is very troubling for her, so perhaps to be alone, she heads back out to the secluded spot where she had gone hunting before.

In the distance, Michonne can see smoke. When she investigates, she finds the town’s beds. All of the mattresses have been thrown in a single pile and set on fire. What Michonne sees is the burning remnants of their beds. So the Saviors didn’t even take the mattresses because they needed more beds at the compound, or because they wanted to start a backward wrestling league. They took them to burn them, just to be dicks.