Top 10 Horror Movies Coming Out in 2017

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Will Billy return in Saw: Legacy? (Photo: Lions Gate)

4. Saw: Legacy

Directed by: The Spierig Brothers

Release date: October 27, 2017

Who’s ready to play another game? I tell you, I certainly am.

Now, I’ll admit that the Saw series would falter in quality as it went on. The last movie in particular was just a shell of how great the series used to be. Taking some time away from the franchise was probably a good thing. Still, I miss the nostalgic feeling of having a new Saw moving coming out every year. With that said I can’t help it but still start welling up with excitement.

With new writers and a new director stepping in, we’re guaranteed a fresh take on the series. I’m optimistic that the Spierig brothers will reign Saw back in and put it on the right track. I’m just as happy that longtime franchise composer Charlie Clouser is returning once again to compose Saw: Legacy. Tobin Bell is also reported to be reprising his Jigsaw role, though it’s not yet known how he’ll be worked into the story (flashbacks, perhaps?).

No information on the plot is yet officially out there. However, filming is confirmed to have been started on the movie. And I’m pleased I’m going to get a new Saw just in time for next Halloween.