The Walking Dead: Top 6 Moments From ‘Hearts Still Beating’

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The Walking Dead ends its first half of Season 7 with the episode ‘Hearts Still Beating’, and I’m going through the six biggest moments from the show.

Those new episodes of The Walking Dead always go by super quick, don’t they? It’s hard to believe Season 7 is already halfway through. It feels like we were just coming back to find out who it was who meets Lucille in the premiere.

But we’ve got eight episodes down with eight to go. Was “Hearts Still Beating” as good as the show’s mid-season finales usually are? Let’s talk about its six biggest moments to find out, beginning with…

6. Negan makes himself right at home

With some time to kill before Rick gets back to Alexandria, Negan chooses to get comfortable. Staying in Rick’s place, he does what Rick does when he first makes it to Alexandria. Negan shaves, getting rid of that trademark stubble. Looking more like his comic version, Negan boasts a clean shaven face to look more like just another peaceful resident of Alexandria.

On top of that, he makes himself some spaghetti in Rick’s kitchen. I like to think this takes place on a Wednesday, thereby making it one of Hershel’s trademark Spaghetti Tuesdays.