The Walking Dead: Top 6 Moments From ‘Hearts Still Beating’

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Photo by Gene Page/AMC

5. Daryl gets the hell away from Easy Street

We now can confirm Daryl is the badass we always knew him to be. No amount of torture was ever going to get him to submit to Negan. He was willing to die, or listen to “Easy Street” for a few thousand more times, before ever joining the Saviors. Because of what they did to Glenn, and everyone else, Daryl just doesn’t have it in him to join these despicable people.

Someone else wants Daryl to escape, too. An anonymous donor left him a key to bust out of the compound. Daryl gets the hell out of there, making great progress during his escape, when a guard catches him. Fortunately, it’s just Fat Joey, probably the most inept of all of Negan’s henchmen. Joey pleads with Daryl to not hurt him. But is sparing Joey going to get Daryl recaptured?

Daryl isn’t going to find out. Despite Joey insisting he’ll help Daryl escape, Daryl straight up murders the hell out of Joey. He goes deep into overkill by applying a few more blows than necessary. But, no, I don’t think Daryl just carries around an immense hatred for people named Joey. I think if any of us had to listen to “Easy Street” a few thousand times in a row, chances are we’d be doing the same.