The Walking Dead: Top 6 Moments From ‘Hearts Still Beating’

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Credit: Gene Page and AMC

4. Negan guts Spencer like a fish or something

Next we have a death that every single comic book reader saw coming. Non comic readers did too, considering the comic readers are making sure to tell them. People were calling for this exact death in online articles and social media comment sections everywhere. What I’m saying is that this moment isn’t exactly surprising— though it still comes across well on screen.

Spencer makes a power move to dethrone Rick from power. He suggest to Negan that Rick be taken care of, opening the door for Spencer to lead Alexandria. Here’s the problem. Negan says he is in charge, and not Rick, so what does it matter? Rick’s out there scavenging for Negan, while Spencer is only trying to play politics.

Negan sees a mutiny in the making, so he eviscerates Spencer. A large hunting knife to the stomach ends Spencer’s life right then and there. Negan jokes that it seems Spencer did have guts after all, but this unfortunately brings an end to the pool game. Spencer bleeds out on the ground until he succumbs to the stabbing, as Negan seems pretty pleased with himself. Killing Spencer would keep others from trying to usurp Rick, keeping the operation going.