The Walking Dead: Top 6 Moments From ‘Hearts Still Beating’

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Credit: Gene Page/amc

3. Lucille saves Negan’s life

Perhaps Lucille really is a loyal and obedient sentient pet for Negan. How else can we explain this? Her primary function is to end people’s lives. Who knows how many have died feeling her “vampire bat” blood thirst. But murder isn’t all she is capable of. Lucille can save a life when she needs to, when it comes to her master Negan.

Rosita is furious that Spencer was murdered. Knowing she has a single bullet in her pistol, she snaps and finally pulls it out. She’s going to kill Negan right then, no matter what happens to her. So out comes the gun, and it fires. Did it hit Negan? Is Negan on the ground dying like Spencer now, with the Saviors gunning down Rosita in retaliation?

Nope. Lucille takes the bullet instead. She just happened to be in the way of the bullet’s path, preventing it from hitting Negan in the face. It’s sad, because surely Negan would be dying if not for that damn bat. As you can expect, the Saviors take down Rosita as they figure out what to do with her.

One of Negan’s people uses a knife to start scarring Rosita’s face. She nearly becomes comic Andrea, before Negan thinks up another punishment…