The 5 Best Holiday Horror Films To Watch On Christmas

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4) Charles E. Sellier Jr.‘s Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

Charles E. Sellier Jr.’s ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’- Courtesy TriStar Pictures

Coming in at number four is a film Santa would certainly have in his magical bag.

Directed by Charles E. Sellier Jr., Silent Night, Deadly Night isn’t a particularly good movie. With its schlocky presentation, the film is more in the exploitative category. So why is it one of the best fright films to watch on Christmas? Well the answer is quite simple.

The obvious answer is the film’s about a killer Santa Claus. Raised by nuns, after watching his parents murdered by someone dressed as Santa, Billy grows up to be a killer himself. While killing, Billy dresses like Santa as well. It’s for this reason why the film is on the list. And for that alone, Silent Night, Deadly Night is great to watch on December 25th. Just watch out for Santa…he may want more than cookies.