The 5 Best Holiday Horror Films To Watch On Christmas

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2) Joe Dante’s Gremlins (1984)

Joe Dante’s ‘Gremlins’- Courtesy of Warner Brothers

Ringing the bells at number 2 on 1428’s Christmas list is the classic 1984 film, Gremlins.

Starring Zack Gallagan and Phoebe Cates, Gremlins is the go to Christmas horror film for most fans. Iconic in pop culture, the is no film quite like Gremlins. With its brilliant animatronic puppetry, and it’s often aped rules on its little Mogwai, the film is a perfect balance of fun, fright, and festivities.

Personally, I love Gremlins. Then again, who doesn’t. With its plot set in motion due to well-intended gift giving, Gremlins is an entertaining reminder that holiday gifts can be amazing…just watch the bright light, water, and feeding after midnight. Put those Christmas cookies up!