Carrie Fisher Had An Amazing Cameo in ‘Scream 3’


One of the brightest moments of Wes Craven’s third Scream film is the hilariously amazing cameo of beloved Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher.

The entertainment world is suffering through a tremendous loss with the news of Carrie Fisher’s passing. Just as amazing behind the scenes as she is on camera, this one really stings. At only 60 years old, the talented actress is leaving us much too soon.

Fisher is best known for her role as the badass Princess Leia in the Star Wars films. But in other appearances, she’s proven to be quite hilarious. This includes great roles in other movies like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and The ‘Burbs. But my personal favorite role of hers, although it’s a bit part, is as Bianca Burnette in Wes Craven’s Scream 3.

In the slasher flick, Ghostface continues his killing spree in Hollywood on the set of a horror movie. Gale Weathers and Jennifer Jolie (who plays Gale in the fictional Stab films) are tracking down the killer. Their search takes them to the archive room of Sunrise Studios, where former aspiring actress Bianca Burnette now works.

Scream 3 – Dimension Films

Bianca keeps her old 8×10 on display in her office.

Almost immediately, Gale starts to ask if Bianca is Carrie Fisher. But Bianca cuts her off, saying that although she did audition for Star Wars, she didn’t get the part. According to the chain-smoking Bianca, she only lost the role because she didn’t “sleep with” George Lucas, implying that Carrie Fisher had. Bianca has apparently been very bitter about this ever since.

Not appreciating being compared to Carrie Fisher, Bianca has no interest in helping Gale and Jennifer. Only after Jennifer offers her an expensive ring does Bianca help them find what they’re looking for. They learn Maureen Prescott’s (Sydney’s mother) stage name, Rina Reynolds, which Jennifer snickers at. That’s when Bianca outs Jennifer’s real name to Gale, Judy Jergenstern.

Watch the hilarious cameo below:

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Carrie Fisher will forever be an icon and the world is already missing her tremendously. Rest in peace.