20 Reasons You Should Buy ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’

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11. There are multiple ways to win the game

As a camp counselor, you have several options to win any particular match. For example, you can repair a car or boat to escape. But doing so requires finding necessary parts and gasoline. It helps to work together with other counselors to find what you need. But if three people get a two-seater car running, someone is gonna have to get left behind.

There are other ways to win, too. This includes repairing a telephone to call authorities, surviving long enough for their arrival. Be careful, though— you still have to make it to them. If you’re feeling stealthy, you can try to hide from Jason until the time limit expires. Or, if you’re feeling brave, it’s possible to even kill Jason— but that’s probably the most difficult way to win.

As Jason Voorhees, however, you have one singular goal. And that is to hack and slash your way through every survivor in your territory.