20 Reasons You Should Buy ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’

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Jason X – New Line Cinema

10. Possibility for awesome DLC

The developers of Friday the 13th: The Game wanted to include every film in the series in the game. There were many stretch goals they were shooting for during their funding campaign. This includes Uber Jason and the spaceship from Jason X. Unfortunately, while the campaign was very successful it did fall short of some of those goals. So it does not appear Uber Jason will be in the initial release.

However, high game sales means more funding. Obviously, if the game sells well, there’s a very high probability for some additional content. There are many possibilities for expanding upon the game even further, so one would think awesome DLC is inevitable.

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Who knows, could we even see Freddy Krueger come in for another game mode? Maybe I’m thinking too big, but if we all support this game and there is demand for it, anything is possible.