20 Reasons You Should Buy ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’

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Higgins Haven (Photo: Gun Media)

8. Higgins Haven and Packanack Lodge are featured in the game

Camp Crystal Lake won’t be the singular location for players to try and survive the night. We’ll get the chance to explore other significant locales from the films as well. It’s just adding more to the feeling of immersing yourself into the film series.

Packanack Lodge will sound familiar for fans of Friday the 13th: Part II. It’s an area of cabins within walking distance to Camp Crystal Lake. It was to be used as the site of a training camp for all new potential counselors. Unfortunately, what it becomes instead is the location of Jason’s very first killing spree. Very few survivors were able to escape Packanack Lodge, and here’s your chance to see how you would fare.

Another confirmed location for the game is Higgins Haven, the primary location from Friday the 13th: Part 3. It’s a lakeshore home owned by the family of Chris Higgins, “final girl” in the film. That’s also where Jason Voorhees continues his killing spree upon donning the hockey mask for the first time.