20 Reasons You Should Buy ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’

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19. The game is absolutely terrifying

This is certainly one of the most important qualities of the game. What it may all come down to for you is whether the game itself is scary. Perhaps too many horror movies have desensitized you. You could be looking for another great horror thrill. Fortunately this video game is just the thing to do that for you.

I had early access to the game. I spent many hours on the beta which the developer made available for stress testing. Virtually a demo, it only features a few of the features the final game will have implemented. But you know what? That small slice of the pie was enough to truly terrify me. Hundreds and hundreds of horror movies I have seen, but this game still had me filling up with fear.

Maybe it’s being front and center, personally, in a horrifying environment. Struggling for survival against an unstoppable killer. Having moments when he finally corners you and you know the end is near. Calling for help in a futile manner as Jason finally gets ahold of you. It all adds up for a truly remarkable survival horror experience. More so than any other video game in recent memory.