20 Reasons You Should Buy ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’

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Photo: Gun Media

17. You can personally explore Camp Crystal Lake

The Crystal Lake campground shown in the Friday the 13th films is not a real location. You can’t travel there and get a look at the place yourself. The fictional setting was created solely for the movies. So, as far as real life goes, you’ll never be able to go through the actual Camp Crystal Lake.

That’s not the case with the video game. Gun Media is designing high quality maps which are very accurate to the films. What this means is you can personally explore Camp Crystal Lake yourself. Sure, you will have a homicidal Jason Voorhees always on your tail. And you’re in the shoes of a fictional camp counselor. But, you know what? You are getting the chance to walk around the campground yourself, rather than seeing characters in a movie do it.

This is really the closest we can possibly come to exploring Crystal Lake. It might be a virtual experience, but it’s still going to be amazing. If you can stay away from Jason for long enough, you could do your own personal sight seeing tour. Just don’t be expecting to walk away with any brochures, because you might not want to come back!